Company profile

Hangzhou Zhuopu New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. is a factory which specialized in PLA Filament and 3D pen. Our company focus on technology innovation, to offer the high-quality products. And there are more than 30% technical experts in our staff. It specializes in producing all kinds of PLA 3D printing filament. Our PLA Filament is produced at dust-free workshop, and we use the USA raw material. Our filament has good toughness, high accuracy, stable melting point and firm color. Tolerance of diameter size is up to +/-0.02mm. Also, there are more than 15 different color free at your choice, and our filament approved by ROHS. The company has a scale 3D printing molding center, equipped with a variety of models, specification of the 3D printers. Provide a more comprehensive technical support for the material testing and machining model.


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